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2014 10 15 10.45.35 What Can we Repair?  Virtually Everything!


Perhaps it's better to ask the question, 'What can't we repair?' as during the past three years, our growing team of highly skilled and competent volunteer repairers have proven that they are capable of tackling any task, however complicated it may first appear.  They all enjoy a challenge and nothing is turned away, however small.  Many of the possessions brought to the Repair Cafe are of sentimental value and have been broken for many years, often assigned to a dusty loft because there was nowhere locally to take them to be fixed! 


Malvern Hills Repair Cafe has changed all that and so long as an item is hand-portable and not in a dangerous condition, our repairers will carry out an examination, give their honest opinion and advice and proceed with a repair if they consider it's appropriate and viable.

Here are some of the 2200 items we have repaired or sewn back together in the past three years:

  • Electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, flat screen televisions, iPads, motorised golf trolley
  • Garden equipment - lawn mowers, hedge cutters, plastic garden furniture, strimmers, wheelbarrows, garden tools and implements
  • Small household appliances - toasters, kettles, hair dryers, irons, vacuum cleaners, food mixers, CD and DVD players, record players, drills, radios, aerials, liquidisers, carpet cleaners, lamps, cassette tape players, food mixers.....to name a few!
  • Furniture - tables, chairs, bookcases, dolls houses, shelving units
  • Clocks and jewellery, toys and china, glass and ceramics......this list goes on and each Repair Cafe can bring a new and unusual challenge.

We also mustn't forget the high volume of knife and tool sharpening that goes on at each session. Garden tools such as secateurs and shears are particularly popular in the spring and summer months as there is now no local business offering a sharpening service.

Our sewing team can tackle anything from invisible mending to putting back together a much-loved childhood teddy bear.  Not only clothes have been carefully mended but soft furnishings, handbags, luggage, curtains and blinds.

Every attempt is made to complete a repair during the four-hourly session but if this proves impossible, our repairers have been known to take items home to finish in their own time.

No charge is made for any advice or repair but, as always, we rely on your generous donations to keep the service free at the point of delvery for everyone. 

Read about some of the more unusual repairs in our Repair of the Month.