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If you like what you’ve read on our website and feel inclined to get involved, why not volunteer with us?  It doesn't matter if you can't make a commitment every month, the occasional help is always welcome to cover holidays and sickness.  We have a large team of volunteers now but we're also planning to start some new Repair Cafes in the two counties so you could help out elsewhere if you so wish.


Whatever appeals to you, everyone agrees that volunteering at Malvern Hills Repair Café is a fun, social and enjoyable experience and a great way to make new friends!


Do you enjoy fixing things?


‘I really enjoy the challenge of repairing; you never know what’s coming in next so it puts you on your mettle! It’s a pleasantly social atmosphere too.’


Photo of pink car May13If you have good, basic, DIY and/or practical skills and enjoy helping people, we would love to hear from you. Most of the repairs brought to us are very basic and straightforward, no specialist qualifications are needed and many of our regular repairers just enjoy fixing things and support the ‘make do and mend’ culture. We always suggest that at your first session you work alongside one of our regular repairers who can show you the ropes and offer any assistance should you need it.


As you can see in the photo, repairers often work together on a task and assist each other with advice and tools.   If you have a favourite set of tools you may wish to bring those with you but the Repair Café has acquired a wide selection of basic tools and we supply all consumables you may need so that you are never out-of-pocket.


We also provide you with as many drinks and slices of delicious homemade cake as you can manage!


Do you enjoy sewing?

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Again, only basic sewing skills are needed in order to join our sewing team. We provide a sewing machine together with the usual range of sewing materials and the types of sewing repairs vary enormously from stitching together a much-loved dismembered teddy bear to patching a well-used rucksack! 


If you don’t have any practical skills, help is always needed in other areas. One of the most important roles is 'meeting and greeting' our many customers and visitors as we want everyone to feel welcome and leave having enjoyed the Repair Café experience.  We also need people to work in the kitchen and serve refreshments in our cafe.

Still interested? Then please send us a message on the Contact page.